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How and why to customize the iPadOS 16 Control Center

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The iPadOS 16 Control Center

What it does –> Gives you quick access to controls and information on your iPad. Control volume, screen brightness, wireless radios, set an alarm or timer, start an Airplay session, and more

How to get to it –> Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen.

Why use it? –> SAVE TIME. You can make these changes without diving into the Settings app.

How to customize it

in iPadOS 16, open Settings –> Control Center

  • Turn on “Access within Apps” and “Show Home Controls”
  • Delete or Rearrange the “Included controls”
    • Click on the “minus” symbol to delete a control.
    • Click and drag the three-lines icon on the right to change the order.
  • in the “more Controls” section are other controls you can add. Be careful, though – don’t make it too cluttered!
Changing the Control Center, inside the Settings App