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Find my iPad – how to use

If you have lost or misplaced your iPad, here’s how to use “Find my iPad” to figure out where it is.

This only works if

  • you have correctly setup your AppleID on your iPad
  • Turned Find my iPad ON in Settings–>iCloud
  • Followed these instructions on some settings
  • AND it is on and near a wi-fi network

1. Open a web browser and surf over to www.iCloud.com – OR you can use the “Find My iPhone” app if someone has installed it on their device.

2. Login with your MDS AppleID and password.

Click for a larger version.


Click for a larger version

3. Click FIND MY IPAD.

At the top there is a pulldown menu where you can select a particular device. Once you do the system will try to locate your device.

Click for a bigger version
Click for a bigger version

Notice you can also have the device make a sound [it sounds like a sci-fi submarine, and is quite loud], and mark it as lost. Please do not Erase the Device if you are using an MDS iPad.

In general the screen will tell you where the iPad is within about 50 feet if it is on campus.

iPad: FindmyiPad, Privacy settings

There are several privacy settings that MUST be set on your school iPad – and several that are your call, but that the iPad guy recommends [unless you LIKE advertisers to know too much about you].


Call up Settings –> Privacy –> Location ServicesLocation services

  • Location Services MUST be turned ON
  • Meraki MDM must be set to “Always” – click on it and you’ll see the setting
  • The other App settings are up to you. You are deciding whether to allow the app to know your location. Personally, I leave them turned off unless there’s a real good reason to leave them on.


At the bottom, click on System Services

system services
Settings–>Privacy–>Location Services–>System Services
  • MANDATORY –> Leave Find My iPad turned ON
  • Everything else is up to you.
  • The iPad Guy recommends leaving Setting Time Zone and Wi-Fi Networking on, and leaving everything else off.
  • ESPECIALLY leave the sliders in the “Product Improvement ” section turned off.


At the bottom of  the screen [Settings–>Privacy–>Location Services–>System Services] you should see a slider for Status Bar Icon. This puts a little arrow at the top of the screen anytime an app requests your location. It’s nice to know if you are interesting in knowing.

Want to know how to use Find My iPad?


Setting up your AppleID and Find my iPad

If you never setup Find my iPad or iCloud or your AppleID, here’s a vague outline on how to proceed.

  1. Check your Moodle password. Does it have a number in it? If no, then your AppleID password will be your moodle password with the number 1871 at the end. Does it have BOTH an uppercase letter AND a lowercase letter? If not, switch the first letter of your moodle password to the other case [i.e. make asdfghjk become Asdfghjk, or ASDFGHJK becomes aSDFGHJK]
  2. On your iPad, go to Settings –> iCloud

  3. Create a new AppleID“.
  4. Put in your birthday. If you are under 13 years old, come see Mr. Rule in the ARC.
  5. Put in your name.

  6. Use your current email address
  7. Either use your moodle password as is, or as modified in step 1 above.
  8. There are some security questions you’ll need to fill out – these are used only if you forget your password.
  9. For the backup email address – also used only if you forget your password – I would use your personal email address….. or your parent’s.
  10. Once you’ve completed the process, CHECK YOUR EMAIL. You should have an email from Apple saying “Click here to verify this is actually you that setup this AppleID”. Click it.
  11. NOW you are setup. Finally.




What does this get you?

  • The ability to use Find My iPad over at iCloud.com. Go to any desktop or laptop, surf to the site, login, and you’ll be able to see where the ipad is, within about 50 feet [assuming it’s on and near an accessible wifi signal].
  • Backups to iCloud – if you have upgraded iCloud to the “new” version, then you can actually work on keynote files in a web browser. You can also access your pictures and iMovies there as well – just by logging into iCloud.com.