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Dell laptops and batteries

Sometimes a Dell laptop will refuse to charge a battery, or won’t recognize the battery. That **could** be because the battery is dead, or the laptop doesn’t recognize the off-brand battery you bought – but it could also be because the sensor chip in the battery has gotten confused.

Here is how to reset it. It takes no tools, and just a few minutes.

This information was taken from https://www.ncconsumer.org/news-articles-eg/resetting-a-dell-laptop-battery-in-five-quick-steps.html.

Leave Bluetooth ON!

Contrary to popular belief, turning bluetooth off does NOT extend your battery life.

Leaving it on means less hassle in the classroom for you [as more teachers use Apple Classroom],  AND Find My iPad s FAR more accurate with Bluetooth turned on.

Want to REALLY save battery? The best thing it to turn down your backlight – BUT NOT SO DIM THAT YOU CAN”T SEE IT!