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Oh, no! My iPad is in Recovery mode!

Your iPad is in “Recovery Mode” when the screen looks like this:


Things NOT to do:

  • Do NOT attach it to iTunes
  • Do NOT try to restore it from a backup
  • Do NOT try to fix this yourself!

The instructions you’ll see on the web about getting your iPad out of this predicament are all helping people with their OWN iPads, not with iPads that are school owned.

Here’s what you SHOULD do:

  • Bring it by the Tech Cave [Upstairs Sheridan for high School, Library for the Middle School]
  • Middle School – you can also leave it with Mrs. Jones in the office. She’ll let the Tech Team know about it.
  • Put a post-it note on it with your name, and homeroom on it.

We will get it back to working order again.

20 more Google Docs tips

The ORIGINAL ARTICLE – below are the “headlines”.

  1. Search Google Docs and Gmail together

  2. Search Google Docs more effectively

  3. Quickly back up all your documents offline

  4. Max out your editing space

  5. Share docs with non-Google Docs users

  6. Star multiple documents at once

  7. View a video’s technical details

  8. Explore the templates

  9. Automatically correct common typos

  10. Click and drag images into docs

  11. Fix pictures in position

  12. Insert links in a snap

  13. Use Bookmarks to navigate long documents

  14. Use the word processor to create Web pages

  15. Work with multiple currencies in a spreadsheet

  16. Use Rules to color code spreadsheets

  17. Gather spreadsheet data using forms

  18. See Google Docs previews in Gmail

  19. Create drawings within presentations

  20. Save drawings in scalable form

Google Docs continues to improve practically every month as new features arise. A good way of keeping up with the additions is to monitor the Google Docs Blog, which the team behind Docs writes.

Google Docs – 8 more tips

The article with the details can be found HERE.

Here’s the summary:

  1. Show all keyboard shortcuts:
    • On Mac, press ⌘ /
    • On Windows, press Ctrl /
  2. Use Gmail keyboard shortcuts in List View
    • J  Navigate to the next item in the list
    • K  Navigate to the previous item in the list
    • X  Select/unselect an item
    • S  Star/unstar an item
  3. Less distracting –> Edit Fullscreen [View menu–> Fullscreen. Hit the ESC key to exit.]
  4. Hack the Header styles to quickly add formatting:   To create a new header style, simply format your text how you’d like and highlight it. Then go to the Title menu, click one of the right facing arrows next to a header, and select Update ‘heading X’ to match with X being the header number.
  5. Use the Google Templates to get started:   directory of templates
  6. Let Docs create the Table of contents – only works if you’ve used the header levels in the Title menu. Insert menu –> Table of Contents
  7. Use Conditional Formatting to change the color of a spreadsheet cell based on the contents. For example, you can have the cell color automatically change to red if the test score is less than a 75.
    To do this, hover over the column header and click the arrow icon that appears to bring up a menu. Then click the Conditional formatting… option towards the bottom.
  8. Extrapolate sets of related terms. You’ll just have to read the original for this – but it IS pretty cool – useful is another question altogether, though!