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AppleID – Are you signed in?

If you are NOT signed in to your iCloud/AppleID account, then Find My iPad will NOT work. This might not seem like a big deal now, but will be when you misplace your iPad [ask the 10 students who have misplaced theirs this week] OR had theirs stolen out of their car [yes, it has happened].


If you running IOS 10:

Open up Settings

At the top left you will see one of two or three things:

AppleID is NOT signed in

If you see this, your iPad is NOT signed in. You should sign in RIGHT NOW – use your MDS email account and your Moodle password.

NOTE: If your moodle password does not have at least one uppercase latter, one lowercase letter, and one number, you should have modified your moodle password to make your AppleID password.

Switch the case of the first letter. If missing a number, add 1871 to the end of your moodle password.

If you have changed, or didn’t follow these instructions at the beginning, you’ll need to do the “reset password” dance.

If you see this then you are indeed signed in.


Click and say “NOT NOW”. Save yourself some headaches.

Click on the note about Two Factor Authentication, and click on “Not Now”. This will save you a lot of headaches.



Setting up your AppleID and Find my iPad

If you never setup Find my iPad or iCloud or your AppleID, here’s a vague outline on how to proceed.

  1. Check your Moodle password. Does it have a number in it? If no, then your AppleID password will be your moodle password with the number 1871 at the end. Does it have BOTH an uppercase letter AND a lowercase letter? If not, switch the first letter of your moodle password to the other case [i.e. make asdfghjk become Asdfghjk, or ASDFGHJK becomes aSDFGHJK]
  2. On your iPad, go to Settings –> iCloud

  3. Create a new AppleID“.
  4. Put in your birthday. If you are under 13 years old, come see Mr. Rule in the ARC.
  5. Put in your name.

  6. Use your current email address
  7. Either use your moodle password as is, or as modified in step 1 above.
  8. There are some security questions you’ll need to fill out – these are used only if you forget your password.
  9. For the backup email address – also used only if you forget your password – I would use your personal email address….. or your parent’s.
  10. Once you’ve completed the process, CHECK YOUR EMAIL. You should have an email from Apple saying “Click here to verify this is actually you that setup this AppleID”. Click it.
  11. NOW you are setup. Finally.




What does this get you?

  • The ability to use Find My iPad over at iCloud.com. Go to any desktop or laptop, surf to the site, login, and you’ll be able to see where the ipad is, within about 50 feet [assuming it’s on and near an accessible wifi signal].
  • Backups to iCloud – if you have upgraded iCloud to the “new” version, then you can actually work on keynote files in a web browser. You can also access your pictures and iMovies there as well – just by logging into iCloud.com.