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IOS 8 – YES you can update!

After some [NON-thorough] testing, it looks like OS 8 will work OK on our setups here at MDS.

Here are the “gotchas”:

  • You MUST have 5.9 gigs of space available on your ipad.
    Check it in the Settings App –> General –> About –> Available
  • Don’t have enough? Move your pictures and videos to your Google drive.
    Fire up the Drive app, click the plus sign [top right], and upload FROM the Camera roll. Once you are certain they have been uploaded [doublecheck!], then go to the Camera app, access the camera roll, and delete the files.
  • You will have to update off campus. Plan on it taking a while- maybe an hour.
  • Want to know more? Click the links below for more details.




A LIST OF FEATURES IN IOS 8 –> http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/ios-8-the-complete-list-of-features-and-improvements-9740485.html