Notability Not Working

If Notability seems to start up when you click the icon, and then it disappears:

Step One – Clear the Decks:

  • Swipe out of all your running apps [doubleclick your home button, swipe all the running windows up to quit the apps].
  • Shutdown your iPad [Hold Power button down for umpteen seconds until the “Swipe to turn off” slider appears onscreen.]
  • Turn iPad back on.

Step Two – Check your storage:

  • Settings –> General –> About –> Amount Available
  • If less than 500megabytes, then you need to make room, USUALLY by deleting photos or Videos
  • Photos app –> Camera Roll. Select items to delete.
  • THEN switch to the “Recently Deleted” album, click SELECT, then DELETE ALL.
  • Other possible storage hog is your email. DELETE emails you no longer need – each one takes up room on your ipad.

If the Notability icon is Dark, or says “Waiting”:

Your iPad [for whatever reason] refuses to update Notability, or it started to and has gotten confused.

A couple of points, first:

You are STILL responsible for getting your homework done. This means you will have to take an alternate route. Work with your teachers – they are all aware of the issue.

Alternative Possibilities for getting your work done include

  • Textilus if you want to type notes
  • Google Docs if you want to type, AND your notes to automatically be available in Drive
  • If you prefer to use a stylus, try using one of the Art apps [like Paper]
  • Use Pencil/Pen and Paper. [Seriously – there are a good number of brain-wiring/educational/physiological reasons to go this route. Ask Mrs. Alderman].
  • Try this first at school.
  • If that makes no difference, try it at home.
  • Please do these steps IN THIS ORDER.
  • Once you complete them, let Mr. Rule or Mrs. Andrews know what happened. They are tracking the results and working with tech support.
  1. Look at your Notability app. If it is NOT still dark, let Mr. Rule/Mrs. Andrews know – RIGHT NOW!
  2. Swipe out of all your apps. Shutdown the iPad. Wait 5 minutes. Start it back up.
  3. Once things are back up, wait 5 minutes to see if anything changes.
  4. If Not, click on  the Notability icon.
  5. If it starts installing, let Mr. Rule/Mrs. Andrews know – RIGHT NOW!


—–>  If you’ve “done the dance” at school, try it at home.

—–>  If you’ve “done the dance” at home, try it at school.

—–>  Let Mr. Rule/Mrs. Andrews know what happened – RIGHT NOW!

One student had success by doing this:

I closed out my apps,clicked on all the blacked out apps a few times, and shut the ipad down for about twenty minutes. The apps started loading after that.