Fields Scoreboard Notes

File formats:

  • jpg – 252×128
  • wmv – 160×64  8050kbps
  • Software DOES scale oversized pix to fit, but it will stretch things, so better to give it the correct size to begin with.
  • Once you add a file to the correct directory, you MUST send it down to the scoreboard CPU before it can be used. Client –> Display –> there’s a button to sync the directories.

Hardware – there’s a capture card in the back of the machine. It does take composite and s-video input. That’s for any live input to the scoreboard [i.e. from the Tricaster].

On field camera – have to adapt the camera output cable to the cable connector. Boxes are in the ground on the sidelines. There’s also one on the wall at the 50 yard line….and cables running down from the top of the pressbox. Nothing is labelled, of course.


  • Camera –> adaptors –> cable –> on-field box
  • pressbox cable –> Tricaster
  • Tricaster output –> video input on back of sign CPU [use composite/RCA – no point in doing s-video]

File storage:

Files you want to use MUST be placed LOOSE in the correct directory. The SW does NOT understand directories, no keeping things organized. There should be a shortcut on the desktop – I can’t remember the exact name or location. Seems like it is located in the programs folder for prismview.

3 pieces of software: Prismview Client PV9, Player, System. These three are pinned to the start menu.

On startup you have to manually start all three. I suggest this order: System, Player, Client – but the order MAY not be important.

  • SYSTEM – monitors the CPU in the scoreboard. You can leave it minimized.
  • PLAYER – more stats and such from the scoreboard CPU. Also shows the preview on the monitor, which is not movable nor resizable [unless I’m missing something].
  • CLIENT – where most of the work is done.

CLIENT overview:

Box on left shows all usable files inside the media directory.

Tabs at top:

  • Display – used to transfer copies of new files down to the scoreboard CPU.
  • Instant Play – where you click a file and it gets played.
  • The other tabs are not used.

Instant play Overview

  • main window has slots [“layouts”] to hold file references. Drag a file from the left window into a slot. When you click on that slot, the file gets played.
  • Layouts area at bottom is where you setup multiple layouts. CAN have a file appear in multiple layouts. That area is also where you set what happens when you click – the file plays just once, loops X times or forever, etc.
  • PLAY LIVE button – switches to the live feed [i.e. from the Tricaster].

Fields 5
The 3 apps are pinned to the start menu. Start them in from bottom to top.

Fields 1

Fields 2
CLIENT Preview window at top left can’t be moved or resized – just work around it. See text above for details.
Fields 3
PLAYER – just minimize this one.
Fields 4
SYSTEM – just minimize this one.