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Take your Google Stuff with you

When you leave these hallowed grounds… CAN take your Google Docs with you.

  • Login to your Drive or email [ is a handy way]
  • Open a new tab [Control-T, usually]
  • Surf to
  • Select what you want to take with you
  • Select the best options for you – waiting for the download, or getting an email when the archive is ready to download. [Hint: It will probably take a while for the archive to be available]

The Wikipedia explanation:

How to Use Takout [from UConn]:



You can’t just upload that archive into a new Google account.  Google Takeout is outbound only, there is no inbound/restore function.  But the following will help if that’s what you want to do.
[CAVEAT: These have NOT been tested by Mds TEch, so your mileage may vary….Please let Tech know how it goes!]
Transfer messages a generic IMAP utility which can work with any provider that supports IMAP.
When both accounts are with Gmail, you can use the following backup/recovery tool to move the messages (this will include labels)
Transfer contacts (export/import):  (export from other providers)

Are my iPad files being backed up?

Here’s how to make sure your Notability files and Pix/Videos are backed up.


  1. Open Google Drive. Look for for the folder “Notability” – nose around to see if that last thing you created is there. If so, things are working.
  2. OR In Notability, create a new note. Scrawl something on there, then exit the note. Look at the bottom left corner – you should see the “Backing Up” circle go. If so, then things are backing up.
  3. If things are NOT working, then call up settings [the Gear icon, bottom left], select AutoBackup. Login to Google Drive. The defaults [/Notability folder, PDF format] work well.

Pix & Vids to Drive

  1. Open up Drive App
  2. Click the “hamburger menu” – the 3 stacked lines, top left
  3. Select Settings–> Photos
  4. Turn “Google Photos Folder” AND “Auto Backup” ON. The WiFi/Cellular settings don’t matter since your iPad does NOT have a cell radio.
  5. You should see a “Google Photos” folder – all of your pix and videos will be there after they finish uploading.
  6. NOTE: Deleting a photo/video on your iPad DOES NOT delete them from Drive.

MDS Name Contest

Name Our Campus Road and Grey Cottage!

Here are the links to the form. You MUST be logged into your MDS Google Drive to add your ideas to the list.

The links are currently being blocked on-campus by the auto-content-filter, in spite of the tech team beating it over the head with some duct tape. At least ONE of these links will work for you – they all go to the same place: