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Setting up the Meraki MDM app

Here are some vague directions for getting the Meraki MDM app setup. This is best done at school, on campus – it’s easier for some technical reasons that way.

  1. Find the app Meraki MDM

  2. If your screen says “Joined to” and then either “All iPads” or “Faculty”, then you are done. It’s already setup. Thank you!
  3. If it asks you WHICH network to join, then select “All iPads”.
  4. There will be SEVERAL dialog boxes pop up with two choices each time – basically YES or NO, although they phrase it differently every time.

    YES, allow each one.

  5. When it asks about allowing Meraki to run in the background all the time, YES allow it.

  6. If it asks about location services, YES, allow it.

  7. You know you have successfully completed the setup when the screen says you have joined “All iPads” network.