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IOS 10 – make the home button friendly again

NOTE: this is only applicable to those who have Air2 iPads AND have setup your fingerprints to open up your iPad.

If you miss just resting your finger on the home button to unlock it (as opposed to having to press home)

Here is how to re-enable touch to unlock

Many users were taken aback by the way iOS 10 handles unlocking the device by requiring a press on the Home Button. Devoted iOS fans will be happy to hear that this feature can be reversed to the iOS 9 behavior.

To reverse this behavior and go back to the iOS 9 unlocking behavior of just resting your finger on the Home Button Touch ID sensor, follow these steps.

Open the Settings app.
Select General | Accessibility.
Select the Home Button option.
Enable the option for Rest Finger To Open.


(taken from http://www.techrepublic.com/article/5-overlooked-features-of-ios-10/)