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Video prep, notes, playback, etc.

Ban the Bottle Video Contest

Help out your fellow MDS students by watching, liking, and sharing their Tap Out Challenge video.

click here

If you are on campus using your iPad:

  • Settings –> WiFi
  • Select the network named BOTTLE
  • Watch the video
  • This is a temporary network – it will only be up Friday from 7:45 to 9:00 am.
  • Then call up the link above or the video below


Virtual Light Lab – make a movie

[4/14/15 update: added section about getting your video into iMovie on your iPad, at the bottom.]

Virtual Light Lab is installed in all the ARC computers. It allows you to design stage lighting and experiment without all that mucking around with electrical cables and gobos and such.

After you have created your show, you can save it as a quicktime movie [which can then be plopped into your Google Drive and viewed on your iPad]. Here’s how:

[Click on each graphic to see the bigger version]

1. Call up the SlideShow


2. The instructions give you an overview of the process.

Basically you give a save location and filename, set some parameters, and then manually step through your slideshow by clicking the play button.VLL 2

3. IMPORTANT: Make sure you add .MOV to the end of your filename. The program tries to add .moov, and quicktime doesn’t know what that is. [Neither dfoes anything else.]


4. Next up: parameters [aka settings]. Here is what I suggest.

VLL 5Greater frames per second = less jerky motion but bigger filesize.
Better compressor quality = better quality images but bigger filesize.

You might try using “low” quality, or even least, to see if they are good enough.

5. Notice the record button is green.VLL 66. Click the PLAY button.

The RECORD button will turn red, and behind the scenes a movie file is being created. YOU determine the length of each scene by how fast you click through. VLL 7



7.  You may see this dialog after clicking record. Click Yes.VLL 8

8. Then your movie will open and you can see if you like the results.

vll movieIf you don’t like them, switch back to the slideshow and record again. You’ll have to redo the settings each time.

If you DO like the result, then you can email the file, stash it in google drive [], trash it, etc.


Once those files are in Drive, how do you get them into iMovie on your iPad?



  1. Fire up the Drive App
  2. Navigate to the desired file – I suggest starting with the VIDEO file first.
  3. Click the “I” icon, on the right.
  4. Click “Open in….”
  5. Click the 2nd “Open In….”
  6. Select “iMovie”
  7. iMovie loads the file.
  8. Go back to the Drive app.
  9. Select the “I” icon for the audio file.
  10. Click “Open in….”
  11. Click the 2nd “Open In….”
  12. Select “iMovie”
  13. iMovie asks if you want to create a NEW movie, or to add it to the “Last one edited”. Select Last one Edited.
  14. The audio is placed in the project.

iMovie – tips for creating

Quick notes for how to create an excellent iMovie:

All the special effects and jazzy stuff on the planet
can’t make up for zero content.


Production Process:

  1. PLAN / Outline – do this on paper. Get a list of what you want to say, and what shots/footage/audio you’ll need.
  2. Gather Material – collect all your parts. Take notes on paper, listing what you’ve collected. Seriously, this will save you TONS of time and aggravation.

    I suggest using the Camera app to shoot your material instead of using iMovie. It’s faster.

  3. Start iMovie Project
  4. Import Material – from the camera roll, or wherever else you’ve stashed it.
  5. Editing – making all the parts fit

    Clips added/arranged/changed

    Add transitions

    Add special effects

    Add titles

    Add/edit audio [check volume levels!]

HELP is your friend!

So is a web search [Could search “iMovie iPad how add narration”, for example]


Want to learn how to shoot better videos? Caleb Rule [graduated from GCSU in Mass Communication] recorded some basic tips complete with examples that are posted on the MDS Tech Youtube channel [and on the WMDS portal as well].

CLICK HERE for the Youtube videos.

WMDS portal videos [must be logged in];

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3 – it’s in the “Video Production” category