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Dell: 10% coupon

If you are looking for Dell computers, etc. – ordering though the MDS Dell portal has an option for 10% off. Here’s how to get 10% off any time.

First, surf over to .

Click on the “Get Coupon” button.

 It will take you to the page below, where you will be required to enter an email.

Enter Dell10 as the ‘Registration Code Instructions’.

You will then be directed to a page with your personal discount code that can be applied at checkout!

Powerschool LMS – troubles logging in, getting things done

The LMS system is being overwhelmed, which is one reason why so many are having trouble logging in. Note that this is a cloud-based product, and hundreds of thousands of students internationally have now been moved to online learning. Thus it’s not exactly surprising that the system is struggling a bit.

For now:

1) Please email your teacher at the beginning of each class that you ARE trying, and describe what is happening.

2) Keep trying every 5 minutes [not every 5 seconds!]

3) If something changes, please let tech know.

4) Keep an eye on for updates. We’ll be posting updates, news, and tips there as we go through this process.


Computing, GrandPa style

See the source image
Macintosh System 1
See the source image
Windows version 1.0

What we are used to computing-wise today all comes from a long line of predecessors that were created by a slew of talented people. Little things like pointers, folders, desktops, networking, WIRELESS networking…. all have had a long development.

Want to see what computing used to look like? Now, you can – inside any modern web browser.

Click the links below, and you can run older version of the Macintosh OS or Windows.

MacOS 7:

Win 3.0:

Win 3.1:

Win 95:

Even more: