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IOS 9 Battery – get more day out of your iPad!

Here are some tips to make your iPad battery last longer – and make it easier to keep track of your battery.


Just make a habit of it!

Enable Low Power Mode

When your device reaches 20% battery life, iOS 9 will alert you to turn on Low Power Mode, which will turn off automatic mail fetches, background app updates, and other systemwide toggles in order to help you get a few extra hours of battery life.

Low Power Mode will remain on (though you can turn if off at any time) until the device has been charged to at least 80% battery life.

  • Settings —> Battery
    Enable the toggle for Low Power Mode.

The battery indicator in the status bar will turn yellow, showing that you are in Low Power Mode.

Get detailed power usage for each app

Sometimes you may want to know what apps are using the most battery life on your devices so you can tweak your usage habits whenever you’re in a low-powered environment. With iOS 9, you can see exactly what apps have been eating your battery life by following these steps.

Settings –> Battery –> Battery Usage
Select either Last 24 Hours or Last 6 Days, and then select the clock icon.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Settings –>General —> Background App Refresh


20 more Google Docs tips

The ORIGINAL ARTICLE – below are the “headlines”.

  1. Search Google Docs and Gmail together

  2. Search Google Docs more effectively

  3. Quickly back up all your documents offline

  4. Max out your editing space

  5. Share docs with non-Google Docs users

  6. Star multiple documents at once

  7. View a video’s technical details

  8. Explore the templates

  9. Automatically correct common typos

  10. Click and drag images into docs

  11. Fix pictures in position

  12. Insert links in a snap

  13. Use Bookmarks to navigate long documents

  14. Use the word processor to create Web pages

  15. Work with multiple currencies in a spreadsheet

  16. Use Rules to color code spreadsheets

  17. Gather spreadsheet data using forms

  18. See Google Docs previews in Gmail

  19. Create drawings within presentations

  20. Save drawings in scalable form

Google Docs continues to improve practically every month as new features arise. A good way of keeping up with the additions is to monitor the Google Docs Blog, which the team behind Docs writes.