Dark Apps – Can’t get my typing done – help!

Sometimes when MDS Tech pushes out app updates on the iPads it takes a while for everything to get updated.

The first things you need to do:

  • Swipe out of all your running apps, shutdown, reboot, and WAIT. [Search for “iPad Reboot Dance” here on the tech site.]
  • Make sure you have enough open storage on your iPad [Settings –> General –> About. If the number is well below 500 megabytes/.5gigabytes, you need to do some housecleaning. What’s Taking Up All Your Storage?]
  • When you get home, plug your iPad in.
  • Confirm you are connected to the internet {try going to a webpage that you’ve never visited before – hamsandwichtees.com, for example]
  • Check to see if you have a system update [Settings–>General–>Software Update] IF YOU DO< – UPDATE YOUR SYSTEM!
  • Then leave it alone.


Why? You Have OPTIONS!

Have typing to do? Here are several ways to type EVEN IF your word processor of choice is not available at the moment:


  • Pencil and Paper
  • Notes app
  • Textilus
  • Notability
  • Google Docs
  • Fire up a web browser, login to Drive, start a new Google Doc inside the web browser
  • Use any of the above to create the text. Shoot a screen shot. Email it to yourself.
  • …..or use Google Drive to do OCR on the picture – which converts the letters in the picture it to text that you can edit.
  • Type the material, take a picture using your phone, email it to yourself.

Other computers:

  • Type your material using Docs on your Google drive [login.mountdesales.net, Drive, NEW–> Google Doc]. Once done, you could copy/paste the material into an email, share a link, download it as a PDF or Word document…… what makes sense depends on your teacher and the assignment.
  • You COULD use your phone, but I really do not recommend it unless it’s only one sentence. You DO want to have a life, right? A phone screen takes way too long, and it prevents you from seeing the whole things you’ve typed – that means MORE mistakes, lower grade, etc.
  • There are computers available in the ARC ADN in SH206 [when there is no class in session in the room].
  • Pencil and Paper!

Need even more ideas? Contact the iPad guy.