Mac: Ads keep showing up in a web browser window

We’ve had 3 instances of Adware getting into Mac Laptops this month. [Adware is software that runs in teh background that pops up an overwhleming number of ads on each browser page you open.]

Here is a quick list of how to remove it:

  •  Surf over to and download the free malware remover from MalWareBytes. Install it.
  • Call up “About This Mac” from the Apple Menu. Note what Operating system you are using [10.8 or 10.10.11, etc.]
  • Then surf over to
  • Download the version of Onyx that is for YOUR system.
  • CONTROL-CLICK the program icon, and select “open”
    A dialog box will pop up – select Open, then install it.
  • Start up Onyx. It will run a disk check.
  • Then run the Maintenance scripts, and then the tasks in the “Cleaning” tab.
  • Onyx will ask you to restart.
  • THEN run MalwareBytes. It should find the adware, and you click to remove it.

This is NOT a comprehensive list, but should be enough to get you started!