Keynote: How to present student keynotes in classroom

Some ideas and possibilities for showing student created Keynote in class:

Option 1:

Use dongle to connect iPad to projector.

Option 2:

  • Students export their Keynote as a Powerpoint
  • They either email them to you OR stash them on Drive and share the file with you
  • You open the file in Powerpoint and hit play OR
  • You also MIGHT be able to just open it by clicking on the file while in Google Drive – it just might play in the browser window.

Option 3:

  • Kids export their Keynote to iCloud.
  • On your laptop, open a new web browser window, and surf to
  • They login with their AppleID and password [should be their Moodle password, some might have 1871 added to the end].
  • They can play their Keynote presentation inside the web browser window.

Option 4:

If there is not a need for animation:

  • Students export the keynote as a PDF.
  • They email it to you OR stash in Google Drive.
  • You open it up on the laptop, and just display the PDF file.