No connection to Wi-Fi – Access Denied

This is what the signin screen looks like
This is what the signin screen looks like

If your subscription to the wireless network has expired [it does this every 30 days] AND you have tried to login but keep getting the “access denied error” [a BIG RED BAR across the top where you tried to login], try this:


  1. Turn off Wi-Fi (Under settings) and WAIT 15 SECONDS (yes, you have to count).

  2. Turn Wi-Fi back on and select the MDS-Student network.  Wait until you see that network showing next to Wi-Fi on the left.
  3. Load safari and go to or or– at this time you will be prompted for your logon/password. After you login and receive a message that you are able to use the network, close that screen.

  4. For a double-check, go to mail and make sure you have a connection – either swipe down for new messages or try to compose a message to yourself as a test.


Reason you lost connectivity????????

Meraki (a software that runs in the background – not an app you regularly use – and our wireless network) requires the user (you) to login to reauthenticate  each 30-45 days.  This application is one of many that keeps our digital system working well for our users and keeps others out of our digital system.

Want more details????????? has more information.