10th grade iPad App List [2014]

Category App Name
Core Adobe Reader
Core Chrome
Core Flashcards*
Core Free Graphing Calculator
Core Garageband
Core Google Docs
Core Google Drive
Core Google Sheets
Core iBooks
Core iMovie
Core iTunes U
Core Kindle
Core Meraki
Core Moodle mobile
Core MyScript Calculator
Core Notability
Core Photon
Core Podcasts
Core Show of Hands
Core Student Clicker – Socrative
Core VLC
Core Voice Record Pro
Create Educareations interactive Whiteboard
Create Idea Flight
Create idea Sketch
Create Prezi
Create Splice
English iThesaurus
English Merriam Webster Dictionary
Fun 🙂 Sudoku
Fun 4 pics 1 word
Fun Checkers
Fun Chess
Fun Chess: Learn Chess
Fun Quiz Up
Fun Word Ladder
Fun Words with Friends
Math Calculator Pro
Math Protractor 1st
Math Quick Graph: Scientific Graphing Cal
Math SAT Math Review Free
Reference Explain Everything
Reference Google Earth
Reference Khan Academy
Reference TED
Science Earth Viewer
Science Educam Classroom Viewer
Science Focus on Earthquakes
Science Intellective: physics
Science NASA App
Science NASA Science: Journey of Discovery
Science NASA Tech Innovations
Science NASA TV
Science NASA Visualization Explorer
Science Nasa/JPL images
Science NASA/JPL images
Science Nova Elements
Science PhysicalSci
Science QuakeFeed
Science Quakes – Earthquake Notifications
Science Science360
Science The Chemical Touch – Lite
Science Vernier Graphical Anaysis
SS Constitution for iPad
SS Flow of History
SS lineTime: World History Timeline
SS myCongress
SS Pass the Past
SS Politico Huddle
SS Settle it! Politifacts Argument Ender
SS The World in Figures
SS Timeline Eons Free
SS Today in history
SS Today’s Document
SS UN Country Stats
SS World Heritage HD
SS WorldHeritageHD
Theology Bible Gateway
Theology iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta
Theology Laudate – #1 free Catholic App
Util QR Reader