Notability: New Features you should play with


Widgets are the tiles on your iPad that give you the Weather, News, Photos, etc. They are VERY customizable [for example, are you tired of seeing the weather Cupertino? CHANGE IT!].

The Notability widgets lives on your HomeScreen, and you can use it to create a new note, access a specific note [Long press the widget, then select the note you want to have quick access to], and view your Recent Notes.

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You can rename and sort a note, all within the note Info screen.

You can also more easily import multiple documents into Notability at the same time., instead of having to do one at a time.

You can HIDE the status bar, if you’d like more screen devoted to note taking.


This is a tool that can help you learn from your notes. Use the tape tool to cover over the notes – see if you remember the material, and then tap to reveal the hidden areas.

CLICK HERE to read more, and view a video that demonstrates it.