Science iPads App List

A list of apps on the two Science Dept. iPad sets. #1 is in McMahon’s room, #2 in Freeman’s. The descriptions are deliberately concise – click the links to see a longer description [usually full of many gratuitous exclamation points]




Adobe Reader Both PDF reader – sometimes works better than others.
Calculator Pro Both Calculator
Chrome Both Web browser
Earth Viewer 1 Timeline viewer of the tectonic plates shifts over time.
EduCam 2 Annotate and share live streaming images from the Ken-a-vision camera
Educreations Both nteractive recordable whiteboard. includes voice recording. Could email it to yourself and post the resulting file to moodle.
Evernote 2 Organizer utility, assuming you have an Evernote Account.
Focus on Earthquakes 1 Comprehensive description, new-meida text. Includes quizzes and review questions.
Fold and Faults 1 illustrated overview of these two concepts
GoodReader for Ipad 1 A “super-robust” PDF readr for iPad
Google Earth Both Click the link for some interesting possibilities.
Human Body Facts Both “odd, weird, fun human body facts”. Enough said.
iBooks Both PDF and ePub reader. Can open files sent via email, posted online, etc.
Idea Flight Both Share PDF based presentations to an audience.
idea Sketch Both Draw a diagram, convert it to text, share it.
iMovie 2 Video creation, editing
Intellective Physics Both AP/SAT prep – whiteboard lectures, quizzes, etc.
ISSLive Both Live data feeds from the international Space Station – plus tours and such
iTunes U Both Gives access to free courses in a variety of subjects
Khan Academy Both 4200+ videos on a variety of topics
Meraki Both An MDS network thing.
Merriam Webster Both Dictionary.
MyScript Calculator Both Converts handwriting into equations, then solves them.
NASA apps Both Click the link for details – several Nasa apps including, including NASA TV, details on missions, “Earth As Art”, photos, etc.
Notability Both Note-taking app – can include video, audio, pix, pdf, etc.
Nova Elements Both PBS Nova exploration of the periodic table.
Photon Both Web Browser for use with Flash site. Email tech to get a site whitelisted before trying to use it. NOTE: Have to click the Lightning Icon to crank up the Flash part of a website.
PhysicalSci Both Interactive glossary of physical science terms
Physics – Science I 1
Puzzling plates 1 Interactive exploration of Tectonic plates.
QR reader Both A QR code reader
QuakeFeed Both Curated earthquake news, maps – several choices for newsfeeds
Quakes Both Get notifications of quakes and access to seismographs from
Quick Graph Both Graphing Calculator
Scan Both A QR code scanner
Science360 Both NSF app – images and videos from all sorts of sources [legit].
Show of Hands Both realtime anonymous polling tool – looks like surveys are national in nature
Student Clicker Socrative Both Used with Teacher Clicker – Socrative [FREE]. You setup quizzes/surveys/etc, they answer them.
The Chemical Touch – Lite Both Interactive Periodic Table
Vernier Graphical Both Used with the Labquest hardware
Vernier Video Both Used with the Labquest hardware
Voice Record Pro 1 Audio recorder – can save file to Google Drive, or email.
Xperica Both View and interact with science experiments