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Anything on the web that might be useful

  • Pixar offers free online lessons in storytelling via Khan Academy - Pixar offers free online lessons in storytelling via Khan Academy Nobody tells stories better than Pixar.  Now they're teaching classes on storytelli

  • Parents and Powerschool login - As of this year the way Parents access Powerschool has changed. In the past, parents logged into their student's accounts. As of 2016-17, parents must

  • SENIORS: FREE MONEY! EVERYONE ELSE: PRIZES! - Dave Ramsey’s ,000 Financial Literacy Challenge is still open - until Monday, April 25! This Challenge, sponsored by Zander Insurance, gives hig

  • The Official Father Frank TongueTwister is here! - Franciscan Friar Father Frank frantically fileting fingerfish and frying fundraiser french fries for free

  • MDS Name Contest - Name Our Campus Road and Grey Cottage! Here are the links to the form. You MUST be logged into your MDS Google Drive to add your ideas to the list.

  • Rain/Noise generator - If you need some background noise when studying, here's a good one: http://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/rainNoiseGenerator.php

  • Logan Brill - special offer on her new album - Music at the Mount - Logan Brill will be doing a special MDS only live concert this Friday during Flex BEFORE her performance Friday night for the first "Music at the Moun

  • Photon Web Browser - Tips - Photon is an iPad web browser that allows you to access website that use Flash.  The biggest thing to remember is that anything Flash will NOT run unt

  • Youtube Tricks - Taken from http://lifehacker.com/the-six-best-youtube-url-tricks-1422544868 Some of these tips involve NON-youtube sites, and may change over time.