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iPad Questions

  • Part 1: Buttons, Turning off, Sleep, Reset mode, Navigating the desktop, Charging,  Settings, AppleID, iCloud, How to update, Printing, Passcode protect, Is it full?, Clean the screen, Switch between apps, turn off apps
    Links:   Youtube   |   MDStech page
  • Part 2: Getting your apps organized.
    Links:   Youtube   |   MDSTech page
  • Part 3: More apps, notification center, spotlight, control center
    Links:   Youtube   |   MDSTech page 


  • MDS eSports: SemiFinals - CLICK HERE to watch the champion MDS eSports team as they battle in the best-of-three SEMIFINALS of the Georgia GHSA League of Legends Championship

  • MDS on Youtube - We have TWO official Youtube channels at Mount de Sales. The Primary MDS channel [] is where you'll find the morning

  • Replacing the Laminator film - This is one of those "we need to stash the link to this video somewhere so we can find it later"

  • WMDS team - help wanted - We need students to help with WMDS. Jobs to be done include-but-aren't-limited-to: camera operator audio operator onscreen reader [i.e. what

  • Explore Google Hangouts - Here is a quick bulletpoint list of things to know about Google Hangouts. Scroll way down for more detailed instructions. I suggest using Chrome

  • Ban the Bottle Video Contest - Help out your fellow MDS students by watching, liking, and sharing their Tap Out Challenge video. click here If you are

  • Virtual Light Lab - make a movie - [4/14/15 update: added section about getting your video into iMovie on your iPad, at the bottom.] Virtual Light Lab is installed in all the ARC

  • iMovie - tips for creating - Quick notes for how to create an excellent iMovie: CONTENT IS THE WHOLE POINT All the special effects and jazzy stuff on the planet can't make up

  • iMovie 11 How-to - Click here for the PDF version The Setup Collect all your parts in one place – on the desktop, your documents folder, wherever – I suggest

  • iPad Camera Roll to your Teacher [Dept iPad Set] - Say you have a Department iPad set, the students have produced some media [pictures or videos] and you need to fetch a copy. Here's how: On the

  • iPad movies and pictures to Google Drive - A quick note on how to get movies and pictures from your iPad to your Google Drive. 1. Fire up Google Drive 2. Click the UPLOAD icon [a plus

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