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WMDS team – help wanted

We need students to help with WMDS. Jobs to be done include-but-aren’t-limited-to:

  • camera operator
  • audio operator
  • onscreen reader [i.e. what Jonathan and the guys have been doing]
  • Video creator/editor
  • Idea person [how to make WMDS better]

You do NOT have to know anything in advance – we’ll train you! None of it is THAT tricky.

You DO have to be dependable and want to learn.

See or email Coach Jones or Mr. Rule for more details.

WMDS – Volume issues

There are at least 3 and maybe 4 different places to adjust the volume when viewing WMDS on the computer or ipad.

1. The speakers you are using.

2. The computer – on Windows, click the volume icon on the bottom right. Make sure things are not muted and the volume is all the way up.

3. There also may be some hardware buttons that mute/unmute the audio and adjust the volume.

4. ONSCREEN, there is yet ANOTHER volume control!

At the bottom of the video window, you should see this. Click it.wmds controls

Slide the volume slider to Max.

Wmds volume