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3d Scanner

To go with our 3d printer we have a 3d Scanner. 

The combination means you can take something, scan it, pull that file into software, mess around with it, and then 3d print the result. It’s definitely worth experimenting with!

Want to know about 3d scanning? Here are some links with some great info and cool videos of what some people are doing with 3d scanning:

What are 3d scanners good for?

What makes a good 3d scan?

How do 3d scanners work?

3d Scanning in Art

Affordable 3d Scanners



Notability: Drag-n-Drop in IOS 11

Imagine being able to drag and drop pretty much anything from another app into a Notability Note.

With  IOS 11, you can! [well, almost all the time.]

 It’s a fast way to move handwriting, text, and even entire notes into, out of, and within Notability. This guide describes everything you can do with Drag and Drop so far.

Dragging and dropping an item takes three steps:

  1. Select: Press and hold an item to select it.

    • Optionally, tap more items to select them, too.
  2. Drag: Drag the items into an app that supports Drag and Drop.

    • While dragging items, you can switch notes in Notability and even switch to completely different apps.
  3. Drop: Let go of the item to release it.

CLICK HERE for all the details.

You can save a LOT of time using this feature!