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Read books on your iPad [for fun, not for class]

If you’d like to “check out” ebooks on your iPad, there are TWO ways:
The MackinVia app already on your iPad. CLICK HERE for instructions on setting yours up. CLICK HERE for an article on using MackinVia for research. 

RBDigital is available in the App Portal. It allows you to check out up to three digital items using your Middle Georgia Regional Library account. If you have a PINES card, you can check out material from the local library!

CLICK HERE for instructions. CLICK HERE to go to the library’s RBDigital website.

3d Scanner

To go with our 3d printer we have a 3d Scanner. 

The combination means you can take something, scan it, pull that file into software, mess around with it, and then 3d print the result. It’s definitely worth experimenting with!

Want to know about 3d scanning? Here are some links with some great info and cool videos of what some people are doing with 3d scanning:

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