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3d Scanner

To go with our 3d printer we have a 3d Scanner. 

The combination means you can take something, scan it, pull that file into software, mess around with it, and then 3d print the result. It’s definitely worth experimenting with!

Want to know about 3d scanning? Here are some links with some great info and cool videos of what some people are doing with 3d scanning:

What are 3d scanners good for?

What makes a good 3d scan?

How do 3d scanners work?

3d Scanning in Art

Affordable 3d Scanners



Think you can Multitask? Think Again.

The Tech team has noticed students with 2 windows open on their desktops in the labs – one window with the class info open, the other with a game.

I’M MULTITASKING“, said one student.

“No, you aren’t. The human brain physiologically cannot multitask”, said the Computer Curmudgeon.

Bottom Line: When you THINK you are “multi-tasking” you are actually “serial mono-tasking” – i.e. doing one thing, then switching over to do the second, and back and forth. This results in doing NEITHER well – and when one of those things involves a grade, it’s not a good idea to risk that.

Don’t believe me? Read on:


Still think you can multitask? Think again.