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The Great 2019 iPad Turnin: Seniors

Seniors are up first

Here are all the details you need:

WHAT to turn in

  • iPad in its case
  • Charger cable [even if damaged]
  • Charger Block

WHAT TO DO before turning your iPad in

  • Passcode to all zeros
  • AppleID signed out [Settings –> Click name up top]
  • iPad charged to AT LEAST 10%

HOW LONG will this take?

  • 10-15 minutes. Plan on it.

WHO can turn in my iPad?

  • You
  • Only You
  • No One Else
  • Not a friend
  • Not your Mom
  • Not even your Pastor or Priest
  • Not you Brother or Sister
  • Only You
  • You

WHERE do I turn in my iPad?

The ARC – ONLY to Mrs. Andrews or Mr. Rule. DO NOT just lay it down and walk away – you’ll be charged for the full value of the package [> $400].

WHEN can I turn in my iPad?

  • If you are taking NO exams at all – Tuesday 4/23 – Wednesday 4/24 – Thursday 4/25
  • If you are taking AP exams – immediately after your last exam.
  • If you are taking only Senior exams – Immediately after your last exam Monday 4/29 – Tuesday 4/30.

iPad Battery Checkout

Recharge your iPad on the go

If you are tired of being stressed out because you forgot to charge your iPad last night like you were supposed to – swing by the ARC and pick up a battery.

We have a limited number of batteries available for checkout.

Available in the ARC – but there are a few things you have to take care of

The Procedure:

  1. Fill out the form at the counter in the ARC
  2. Leave some collateral with Mrs. Andrews [cell phone, keys, etc]. Note that your younger sibling is NOT acceptable collateral!
  3. Mrs. Andrews will hand the battery to you. It will charge your iPad twice over – but that takes several hours!
  4. When done with it, hand it to MRS. ANDREWS. DEADLINE: Before Flex.

NOTE: You will be responsible for any damage to the battery or cable – EVEN IF SOMEONE ELSE DID IT.

The Form. Each battery has a number on it.

Notability and iCloud

The newest versions of Notability automatically stash your Notes in iCloud – which is nice UNTIL something goes awry.


Notability is as slow as Christmas, and you see the “I’m-working-on-it-spinning-icon” more often than not.

We’ve also seen where Notability was trying to bring back notes from LAST YEAR which were not needed [nor appreciated].


Notability has offloaded some of your notes in iCloud, and is having trouble fetching them back.


FIRST: Make absolutely sure your notes are backed up to Google Drive. If you haven’t organized them using Subjects and Dividers, now is a REAL good time to set that up. It will save TONS of time later.

SECOND: In Notability, go into Settings –> iCloud. Turn it OFF.


You very well might see some of your notes, dividers, and subjects disappear. If that happens, setup the notes and dividers again manually, and then download the missing material from Google Drive.