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iPad cables and Chargers –> BEWARE OF EL CHEAPO

While it is possible to find “bargains” on eBay or at your local convenience store – DON’T use them with your iPad [or any other Apple product, for that matter].

You DEFINITELY want cables and chargers that are “mFi” certified. They are usually indicated with this logo:


  • El Cheapo knockoffs risk damaging the circuitry of the iPad. Any iPads that sustain damage to the charging circuits WILL incur a repair charge.
  • They also don’t last as long and get damaged far more easily.

More info can be found here:

If you’d like to see if a particular item is mFi certified, here’s a search engine:

iPad Cables and Chargers –> LEAVE THEM HOME!

We’ve seen a number of students walking around campus with their iPad cables and chargers.



  • You are responsible for making sure your iPad is fully charged when you come to school.
  • Carrying those cables and chargers risks damaging both. We ARE tracking who gets replacement, and WILL start charging $$ for excessive trade-ins.

So take care of your business – charge your iPad at home.


If you have not turned in your iPad yet

We are on a Summer Schedule – the hours are 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

Bring the iPad to the Front Office in Sheridan Hall – Someone there will direct you to either SH206 or to the ARC, depending on where MDS Tech is working that day.

The previous directions still apply to turning in your iPad:

  • Passcode changed to all zeroes
  • Logout of AppleID
  • Turn in iPad, Charger, and Cable

See the previously posted instructions for answers to common questions.

Report Cards will not be mailed NOR college transcripts sent out until this is taken care of.