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What to do if your iPad needs to be repaired

These are the things MDS Tech does to prepare your iPad for replacement. During this eLearning season, the process needs to change.

Make sure you take care of these things, if your iPad is operational:

1) Confirm that Notability files are being backed up – in Notability, click the gear icon, bottom left. Select Autobackup, and make sure there’s a checkmark beside Google Drive.if there isn’t check it, login, and let the backups commence.

2) Fire up Google Photos. Make sure your photos and videos are backing up to Drive. Click the “hamburger menu” – the three horizontal lines at the top right.

3) if you have anything else that you’d like to keep – Textilus documents, iMovies, etc – find a way to stash them somewhere. You could send them to Drive, or email them to yourself. Each app has it’s own solution.

Then contact MDS Tech to arrange a time to meet in the ARC. We are working partly on campus and partly from home.

Note that the standard policies apply here – there is a $100 charge for the repairs [which usually cost much more than that]. The business office will send an invoice in due course.

Basic iPad Advice

Here are some things to check and some things to do to prevent some headaches with your iPad:


Do the iPad reboot dance – DON’T just shut it down, you MUST swipe out of all your running apps. THEN shut it down, wait 20 seconds, crank it back up again.

Clear it out

You always need to leave some working room on your device. Running out of space causes quite a few really weird symptoms. CLICK HERE for details on how to check and what to do.

Update your OS

If you have an operating system update pending, that it taking up room on your iPad, AND often the system update fixes bugs and adds new features. PLUG IN YOUR IPAD and the open up Settings –> General –> System Update, and install it.