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Leave Bluetooth ON!

Contrary to popular belief, turning bluetooth off does NOT extend your battery life.

Leaving it on means less hassle in the classroom for you [as more teachers use Apple Classroom],  AND Find My iPad s FAR more accurate with Bluetooth turned on.

Want to REALLY save battery? The best thing it to turn down your backlight – BUT NOT SO DIM THAT YOU CAN”T SEE IT!

iPad cables and Chargers –> BEWARE OF EL CHEAPO

While it is possible to find “bargains” on eBay or at your local convenience store – DON’T use them with your iPad [or any other Apple product, for that matter].

You DEFINITELY want cables and chargers that are “mFi” certified. They are usually indicated with this logo:


  • El Cheapo knockoffs risk damaging the circuitry of the iPad. Any iPads that sustain damage to the charging circuits WILL incur a repair charge.
  • They also don’t last as long and get damaged far more easily.

More info can be found here:

If you’d like to see if a particular item is mFi certified, here’s a search engine:

iPad Cables and Chargers –> LEAVE THEM HOME!

We’ve seen a number of students walking around campus with their iPad cables and chargers.



  • You are responsible for making sure your iPad is fully charged when you come to school.
  • Carrying those cables and chargers risks damaging both. We ARE tracking who gets replacement, and WILL start charging $$ for excessive trade-ins.

So take care of your business – charge your iPad at home.