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iPads, Styli, and such

There are three basic types of styli available for use with iPads – but which ones can be used depends on what model iPad you have [each class has a different model, mostly].

Stylus Types

  1. Rubbery Tip” – these are the cheapest [and therefore the least painful when they are lost.] They should work with all iPads on campus. The downside is that some people really don’t like how they feel when writing.
  2. Bluetooth – [also known as “active”]. These use Bluetooth to communicate with the iPad, and thus require pairing, and have an internal (rechargeable) battery. Many of these feel better when writing, compared to the rubbery type – and there are a variety of designs available that can feel quite a bit different. On the downside they are more expensive, and require charging – so if you are the type who usually forgets to charge up your iPad, this type would add another recharge thing to your list. This type should also work with all iPads on campus. CLICK HERE for a sample Amazon search for this type.
  3. Apple Pencil / Logitech Crayon – These two products will only work with iPad 5 and iPad 6 [2017, 2018] – i.e. Freshmen and Sophomores. [NOTE: Apple Pencil ONE, not the Pencil TWO that was recently released.] These are on the more expensive side, but do work well and feel quite nice. The Pencil is $89 from the Apple Education Store [Simply Mac over in the Shoppes at Riverside Crossing may match that price.] Click here to see a web search for the Logitech product, which is less expensive and works well but is not as “slick”.
The Logitech Crayon
Logitech Crayon
Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil
Bluetooth Stylus Gallery – click image to go to the web search
Rubbery type Stylus – click image to to to the web search

2019 iPad Handout

Step One

Get on the network [Settings –> WiFi]

Choose MDS-Student. MDS*****, your standard password.

Step Two

Check to make sure things are setup.

  • Mail [if setting up your account, choose the Google/Gmail option]
  • Drive – open it and login
  • Notability autobackup – first screen, Gear icon on bottom left, Autobackup. Make sure Google Drive is turned on.

Step Three

Login to your AppleID [Settings –> top left column]


  • Login with your mds email
  • If your mds password has at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number, your AppleID password if likely to just be your MDS password.
  • If your MDS password is missing a number, try add 1871 to the end.
  • If it is missing an uppercase or lowercase letter, try changing the case of the first letter in your password.
  • If you changed it and have forgotten – go through the reset process again.
  • If things just don’t work, reset your password.


  • Three words:


You need to set one up.

Easiest way is to surf over to

  • Use your mds email address
  • Use your MDS password
  • Security questions: your call. These are only used to retrieve your password if you forget it.
  • You’ll have to click on a link in an email to complete the setup.
  • THEN go to settings –> click on the left column top and get logged in.

Step 4

Google Photos –> set to autobackup your pix/vids

Fire up Google Photos


You should see the options there. “Original Quality” is OK.