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Using MackinVIA for Research

You can open a book in MackinVIA and take notes while inside the app. Here are the details:


  • If you have not checked the book out, do so! Find the book and click the Checkout button.
  • Then, click on the green backpack on the upper right next to “Welcome, [your name]”.
  • Click on Checkouts.
  • Click on Download.  This step makes the book “yours” so you can highlight needed material.  
  • Open the book by clicking on the Title or the book icon (to the left of the title).



  • Check out the book. DONE!
  • Download the book to your iPad. DONE!
  • Open the book.  DONE!


  • Highlight text you wish to use
  • Add to “My Notebook” for future reference
  • Move contents of My Notebook to Notability for printing, to send to teacher, etc.


We STRONGLY SUGGEST you practice using My Notebook to capture specific text and page numbers to use in paper. Here’s how:

    1. Open the book and move past the title page and table of contents to access a chapter of text.
    2. Click and hold a word until the word turns blue with a red border and a command line above the word selected.
    3. Use the red dots to select as much text as you want.  
    4. Click on Add Note
    5. You are given a chance to type in a note – there’s no cursor, so just start typing.
    6. When through, tap the “close keyboard” button on bottom right of the iPad keyboard.  This pulls the keyboard down so you can….
    7. Tap save

Now to make sure it worked:

    1. Look under the notebook icon (upper right) and you will see the highlighted text that would be referenced in your paper, the date added to the notebook, with the page number.
    2. You can Edit and delete any reference you want.  The highlight will disappear and so will the information found in My Notebook.
    3. Take a screenshot and insert in Notability if you teacher needs to see progress or you want a hard copy to use.

Can’t find the book you checked out? See the graphic and narrative below for help!



Clicking your name at the top of the screen gets you these options.  Click on Checkouts to see the material you checked out.


Other tidbits that may help:


  • Open Now = there are a practically unlimited number of copies available.
  • Add to Favorites = there is a favorites list available. Click your name at the top of the screen to get to your list.
  • Checkout = there are a limited number of copies available, similar to the way physical books work.


  • Two additional buttons appear after a book is checked out: Return and Renew



“Your Cookies are Disabled” – trying to login to Drive or Moodle

If you get a red error message telling you that your cookies are disabled – and this prevents you from getting into Moodle, Drive, or setting up Notability to backup your notes to Drive, here are some steps to take:

1: Try a different web browser. You have three: Safari, Chrome, Firefox.

2:  Do the iPad Reboot Dance

The “iPad Reboot Dance”


3. Clear your Cache and Cookies

iPads: Clear Cache and Cookies in Web Browser

4. Shutdown your ipad before leaving home.  Don’t start it back up until you are on-campus.

5. If ALL of that fails, select
Settings –> General –> Reset  –> Reset All Settings.

You should get message telling you that settings will be reset but no data will be lost. If you do NOT see that message, CANCEL – because you selected the wrong option.


Come by the ARC if you have any questions!


MackinVIA – the MDS Digital LIbrary

Here’s how to login to the MDS Digital Library using the app MackinVIA on your iPad.

Find the app MackinVIA.

Doubleclick to open.

A login screen will come up. IF YOU ARE PROMPTED FOR A SCHOOL, go to “First time login” below.  IF YOU SEE OUR SCHOOL – Mount de Sales Academy – go to “Ongoing login” below.


The school name is entered once. Type in “mount de” (no quotes but with a space) – and then wait for the school name to pop up. Tap on the school name.  

Typing too fast OR not paying attention to the screen may result in selecting the wrong school.  If that has happened, swipe out of the app and start again.  

Entering the school name is only a one time process.


ONGOING LOGIN – Check school name

Your username is your FULL mds email address —-> for example,

Password is the same as your Moodle password.


  1. Tap the “hamburger menu” – 3 horizontal bars – at the top left. Then select the purple bar —-> categories. You will find that the MackinVIA categoreis match the categories in the ARC.
  2. Anytime you wish to return to the categories, look at the upper left – there will be either a stylized back arrow or 3 horizontal bars.
  3. Also under the 3 horizontal bars is the ability to exit (log off). Here is what the Categories view looks like:

Click around to browse through a section. Click on a book to see more information OR to check the book out. Once you check out a book it will automatically download to your iPad. 

You can only checkout one book at a time. You can return a book at any time, but when the 2 weeks (or 4 weeks with renewal) timeframe has been reached, the app will check the book back into the database for you.  You will have to check it out again

The stylized arrow in the upper left will return to the category page with the book icons.  

If you get lost, close the app and start again, or come to the ARC for help.

Remember that EXIT is under the three horizontal bars found in the upper left.


  • Start with the screen above that has a purple “title” bar.  
  • On the right side of this bar is the magnifying glass (universal “search” icon).  
  • Enter the name of the book and tap “go” or tap the magnifying glass.
  • You will see the book that matches your search.  
  • Click on the black button labelled “Checkout”, which will allow you to read the book for 2 weeks. You can renew it once for an additional 2 weeks, and then the book will automatically be checked back in again.
  • You can only checkout one book at a time.


Click on your name to see this list.

Favorites = list of books where you clicked the “FAVORITE button.

Notebook has notes you copy/pasted or typed.

Checkouts has the books you have checked out.



Open Now = there are a practically unlimited number
of copies available.

Add to Favorites = there is a favorites list available.

Checkout = there are a limited number of copies available,
similar to the way physical books work.

Two additional buttons appear after a book is checked out:
Return and Renew