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No connection to Wi-Fi – Access Denied

This is what the signin screen looks like
This is what the signin screen looks like

If your subscription to the wireless network has expired [it does this every 30 days] AND you have tried to login but keep getting the “access denied error” [a BIG RED BAR across the top where you tried to login], try this:


  1. Turn off Wi-Fi (Under settings) and WAIT 15 SECONDS (yes, you have to count).

  2. Turn Wi-Fi back on and select the MDS-Student network.  Wait until you see that network showing next to Wi-Fi on the left.
  3. Load safari and go to or or– at this time you will be prompted for your logon/password. After you login and receive a message that you are able to use the network, close that screen.

  4. For a double-check, go to mail and make sure you have a connection – either swipe down for new messages or try to compose a message to yourself as a test.


Reason you lost connectivity????????

Meraki (a software that runs in the background – not an app you regularly use – and our wireless network) requires the user (you) to login to reauthenticate  each 30-45 days.  This application is one of many that keeps our digital system working well for our users and keeps others out of our digital system.

Want more details????????? has more information.

Windows 10 – privacy

We have had a few questions about families installing Windows 10 at home. The Tech Team overall thinks it is a pretty good idea, but be aware that it will take a good long while.

Win10 seems to be solid.

However, there are some privacy concerns that you should be aware of. This article details them, and suggests some settings to make:

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