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iPad: FindmyiPad, Privacy settings

There are several privacy settings that MUST be set on your school iPad – and several that are your call, but that the iPad guy recommends [unless you LIKE advertisers to know too much about you].


Call up Settings –> Privacy –> Location ServicesLocation services

  • Location Services MUST be turned ON
  • Meraki MDM must be set to “Always” – click on it and you’ll see the setting
  • The other App settings are up to you. You are deciding whether to allow the app to know your location. Personally, I leave them turned off unless there’s a real good reason to leave them on.


At the bottom, click on System Services

system services
Settings–>Privacy–>Location Services–>System Services
  • MANDATORY –> Leave Find My iPad turned ON
  • Everything else is up to you.
  • The iPad Guy recommends leaving Setting Time Zone and Wi-Fi Networking on, and leaving everything else off.
  • ESPECIALLY leave the sliders in the “Product Improvement ” section turned off.


At the bottom of  the screen [Settings–>Privacy–>Location Services–>System Services] you should see a slider for Status Bar Icon. This puts a little arrow at the top of the screen anytime an app requests your location. It’s nice to know if you are interesting in knowing.

Want to know how to use Find My iPad?


Kindle App – how to use


Here is some info from the web
on using the Kindle app.



To download titles your device must be connected to a wireless or data network, but you do not need to connect your device to a wireless or data network to view titles that you have already downloaded.

View all content in your Kindle library:

Tap the Menu icon and then tap All Items.

Switch between content stored in the cloud and on the device:

While in a content library, tap the Cloud and Device option at the bottom of the screen.

Check for recent content:

Tap the Menu icon and then tap Sync.

Remove content from your device:

While in a content library, press and hold an item, and then select the Remove from Device option. This does NOT delete the document from your account – it can be downloaded again later.

Sort content on your home screen:

  • Sort by content type:
    Tap the Menu icon to sort content by All Items, Books, Newsstand, Docs, or Collections.
  • Filter by title, author, or recent:
    Tap the Sort icon to sort titles by Recent, Title, or Author.

Change the display of your content:

  • Display title covers in a grid: Tap the Grid icon.
  • Display the title covers in a list: Tap the List icon.


CLICK HERE to learn more, including how to

  • change font/size/etc.
  • Add bookmarks
  • Change locations in the book
  • Explore the book with X-ray [may not work with all documents]
  • Add highlights
  • Add notes
  • Look up words in a dictionary

iPad not working? Can’t get on the Web?

If your iPad

  1. can’t get on the web
  2. can’t access your eText
  3. can’t fetch email

….or do anything else that required network access to the outside world, most likely your subscription to the MDS network has expired. This happens every 30 days – it’s a network security thing.

Here’s what to do:

  • Try to access a website that is OFF-campus [moodle is on-campus, so it won’t help] AND that you haven’t visited before. Maybe this one?
  • Go to Settings–>Wi-Fi–>MDS-student and click FORGET THIS NETWORK. Go back to the list of networks and select it again.
  • Swipe out of all your running apps. REboot the iPad by holding down the Power button until the “Swipe here to turn off your iPad” slider comes up. Swipe it. Once it is done shutting down – it takes about 60 seconds – turn it back on.

What you are trying to do with all of this is to get the “Welcome to the MDS Network” screen to come up. Once it does, you login with your MDS number and your Moodle password.

CLICK HERE to see what to do if you keep getting the “Access Denied” message when logging in.

This is what the signin screen looks like
This is what the signin screen looks like. Click to see a bigger version.