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iPad Keyboards and Styluses

As we approach One-to-One  status, several have asked the iPad guy about picking up keyboards and styluses for use with their iPads next year.

Although we haven’t done tons of research [and would welcome emails from anyone who has experience with these things], MDStech does know 2 things:

  1. Selection of the hardware is VERY personal. Some styluses we’ve tried were abysmal, some were great, and everyone’s opinion on which was which varied greatly.
  2. Cheap hardware is NOT worth the money.

Here are a couple of articles reviewing keyboards. remember that you would have to purchase a keyboard that is NOT attached to a case – you will NOT want to pull the iPad from the Griffin Survivor provided.

Notability, part 5

Click for Video

[youtube ttps://]

Recording Audio into a note.

AFTER this was recorded they updated Notability and added some extra features. I’ve recorded a demo and saved it as a Notability Note so you can hear/see what the new features are.

If they are not in a  folder shared with you, then email tech for access.