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iPad Questions part 3: Apps, Control Center, Notification Center, Spotlight

Another video describing basic iPad stuff, such as

  • Switching between apps
  • Seeing all the apps that are currently active
  • Closing an app
  • Control Center – changing volume, brightness, accessing the camera, opening the timer/clock/stopwatch
  • 5 finger close gesture
  • Turn wifi on/off, privacy mode in Control Center
  • Notification Center
  • Spotlight


iPad questions, Part 1

Answering many questions people have about basics on their iPad. This video [click here for the direct youtube link] covers:

  1. Buttons
  2. Turning it off vs. sleep
  3. Reset mode
  4. Navigating the desktop
  5. Batteries, charging, and such
  6. Searching on your iPad
  7. Settings – get on wireless network
  8. AppleIDs and iCloud
  9. how to update the OS
  10. Printing
  11. Passcode Protect
  12. Is it full?
  13. Clean the Screen
  14. Switching between and stopping Apps